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RubyMind Benefiting by more than 2 decades experience and over 1000 Lab all over the world tell us how to secure your most concept Over the years, RubyMind has been able to design and produce more than 100 products in electrophysiology and Neuroscience for animal and human.

Animal Electrophysiology

Your best choice for recording a variety of extracellular signals both in vivo and in vitro:

Field potentials, multi/single unit potential, EEG, ECoG, ECG, EMG, EOG, Evoked potentials- ERP, VEP, SSEP, …

Human Electrophysiology

high-resolution systems for bio-signals recording up to 128 channels(EEG/EMG/ERP)

eWave gives you Flexible & easy recording for your research.
Event-related potentials recording
High-density EEG recording

Clinical Electrophysiology

Enjoy Recording QEEG with RubyMind accessories

Strong and multi-module system for measuring and monitoring up to
24 EXG channels of ECG, EMG, EEG and ECoG signals and neurofeedback and Biofeedback

Top products, accessories and services

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For those who concern in electrophysiology equipment,

 As spring begins, 10% off Grant with two new options, 6 months more warranty, extended to 18 months and 3 months Refund from delivery

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Animal Electrophysiology

The founders of the ScienceBeam have more than 20 years experience in electrophysiology.
We have equipped hundreds of extracellular electrophysiology laboratories over the years and now have a great scientific network behind us.
If you are planning to start an extracellular electrophysiology lab we will support you from the beginning to the end, and help you to publish your Article.
You will be able to have electrophysiology professors on your side as a consultant and will help you solve technical and scientific problems.
You can also be one of our scientific advisers in the future.

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Our Products

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Animal Electrophysiology
Electrophysiology Software
Brain-Computer interface & ERP
Clinical Electrophysiology
Clinical Electrophysiology

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About Our Company

Bringing real value to our customers

RubyMind manufactures a variety of electrophysiology devices for research and clinical use.

RubyMind insists on moving on the limits of science by following incredible and novel ideas in designing high-tech electrophysiology equipment.

We hope that with the help of our products and services more and more patients can recover and improve their lives.

We design and produce a full range of bio-signal recording systems, including EEG, EMG, EEG signals, and neuro-biofeedback, from one to 128 channels in human and animal models.

We have successfully equipped more than a hundred animal electrophysiology labs around the world in the field of LFP and single-unit recording.

We accept active representatives from all over the world.

If you are interested in working as a RubyMind representative in your country or becoming a part of our expanding network of scientists and engineers, contact us.

  • Benefiting by more than 2-decade experience, and over than 1000 Lab all over the world
  • We are a medical and research device and systems developer and manufacturer.
  • Publishing More than 2000 ISI research papers using our products
  • Equipping More than 400 Clinics centers by our products for diagnosis and treatment
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